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Dialect of Arabic from English course?

The Arabic -> English team has said they will begin working on the reverse course once that course is stable, and it's been stable for some time now. My question is, whenever it is they are able to begin working on it, what dialect will be taught? I've done a few lessons in the AR->EN course, and I'm pretty sure it uses MSA, but the course symbol is an Egyptian flag, and most of its contributors are from Egypt, so will the reverse course teach Egyptian Arabic or MSA?

May 18, 2017



I'm pretty sure MSA is planned, so that everyone can continue with dialects post-skill tree. As for the Egyptian flag... well... the Portuguese flag uses the flag of Brazil (understandably).


The method of learning MSA first and then learning a dialect is pretty heavily debated, since dialects can differ quite radically, and you end up having to break habits and re-learn a lot of vocabulary.

Also, if the Portuguese course uses the Brazilian flag and teaches the Brazilian variant, wouldn't that mean the Arabic course's using the Egyptian flag means it uses the Egyptian variant? Most courses that teach MSA use the Arab League flag.


I guess we're going to find out. I'm fine with either options: MSA or Egyptian dialect.

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