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  5. "The dog was killed."

"The dog was killed."

Translation:Mi gaeth y ci ei ladd.

May 18, 2017



If it helps to remember this word, it appears to be related to English words such as slayed and slaughter - so just think that the dog was slayed. All we need is some way to explain the disappearance of the s.

GPC suggests (and you can choose whether to believe this) that it comes from slaide, the verb-noun of Old Irish slaidid. The soft mutation of sl in Irish is pronounced /hl/, which GPC writes as Welsh ll because they would indeed sound quite similar. In other words you can explain any slll just by assuming it comes from Old Irish. D


The second, echoing pronoun is not used in the passive pattern.


And what is wrong with "caeth y ci ei llad" ???


what is wrong with "caeth y ci ei llad" ?

ci is masculine, and so ei "his" causes soft mutation of the following word: ei ladd, not ei lladd.

(And ei llad with -d at the end is simply wrong.)

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