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Should I only do one course at a time?

Hi, I just discovered Duolingo today, and it's awesome!!!

My mother tongue is English. I also speak French fluently, and I spoke Dutch as a kid but now I'm probably only 20% fluent.

I want to refresh my Dutch, review my French and then learn Spanish, German and Italian.

My questions is, should I do multiple at a time? i.e.: Spanish, Dutch and German. Or should I work 1 language till the end of the tree before moving to another language?

May 18, 2017



Try to see how many languages you can balance in a day - I usually say there's always times & ways to get at least a bit of time with each language we are learning. A main focus would be good, though. Just remember: apprehension and maintenance. Living a language is the best way to learn. (Online immersion) :)


It depends on how well you think you can cope with the languages. If you think that you can learn more than one language, go for it! Just remember to not confuse the languages if you choose two that are similar to each other, as some can be quite pesky (Russian and Ukrainian).

By the way, excellent progress so far! Level 11 in a day in French is really good.


Thanks... I didn't really get all the way to 11... I did the initial test thing and it ranked me as 68% fluent and level 11 :)


I know some people will attack it full-on, and somehow still retain everything they learned, but in my case that's impossible. I have to learn it slowly, one step at a time. I don't know quite know how your brain functions, but I'd suggest taking it one by one. That way you can sort of solidly establish what you've previously learned, and keep building off of that foundation. But, it really is all up to you! Good luck with your learning! :D


Do whatever you are comfortable, personally i like to mix and match i keep my favourite ones golden all the time, practice one i have finished the tree on but it has decayed, learn one in earnest and one just a lesson or two a day...the others sit idle for a month or two then i mix up which ones i focus on. It keeps me interested and coming back and that is what it is all about. However your learning style and interests are yours and yours alone - so do what you want and if it is not working out then adapt and change.


Most days I do at least 5, often more depending on how much free time I have. My elementary school required us to study 4-5 languages every day, so my brain is accustomed to that and I've never had an issue with it. I think it is a personal thing, though - perhaps you could try studying multiple languages at once, and if you feel that it would be more effective to take them one at a time, then just do that.


Congrats on your day 1 with Duo! When I first discovered Duo I signed for Italian. After a few weeks, decided to also do French and German. I had no idea if it would become difficult and confusing for me, but I am glad I was able to give it a consistent try back then. I believe the secret is in daily practice. It worked well for me as long as I practiced daily "all" the languages. After that streak, I was away from Duo from several months and it's wonderful to be back!. With many things going on at the moment, I am currently focusing on Italian and working on getting the tree golden again. I am also doing the reversed tree. I feel inspired to follow up with my daily practice. I will do my best not to lose my streak this time around..and will definitely be giving the deserved attention to German and French whenever time allows it.

I have a feeling you'll do great with the studying of multiple languages. Good luck on your endeavors.


This question gets asked a lot on these forums. The consensus seems to be that you'd learn each language slower, you might get confused sometimes, and you might find it frustrating, but if you really want to learn two languages, then why not?

It depends what you want; if you have a broad curiosity, learn two at once, but if you want to gain proficiency, learn one at a time.

Here's a list to some of the previous discussions, if you want to read more:


I recommend taking it one step at a time. Sometimes languages might have different rules for grammar so you might get confused, but it is completely up to you.


ya what HenryDaThird said just one step at a time and ones u finish it i know it will take a long time at least it is smart


I don't know how good you are at balancing different languages, but I'd advise against taking two similar courses at the same time. I tried with italian and spanish, and got all my words mixed up.

Since you already know lots, I suppose it depends on if you can keep them separate. German and Dutch are very similar, I believe, but as long as you know one well enough it should be fine.

Just my thoughts :)


I would say learn 1 at a time. It's so much easier and you can really focus on learning it.

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