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How long do you all practice your languages for?

Just wondering.

May 18, 2017



Really depends on how much time I have. When I was starting and I had a lot of time I would do 100-200exp per day. Nowadays I often have to skip a day because I have finals approaching and a lot of other things to do, but I plan on getting back on track in the summer.

Anyhow, I personally don't think Duolingo xp is a direct measurement of how much you practice the language, as the website itself is not sufficient. I have a language exchange friend which whom I sometimes communicate. I also like to write down all the words I learn in a Duolingo lesson and then practice them by myself without using Duolingo.

Timewise, on good days I spend an hour or two of total practice.


Cool beans. I'm also getting ready for finals and I cant wait to be done with them. I would say I practice around that time as well. Just depends on the type of day I'm having and how busy I am.


Three or four hours a day.


As a varsity athlete who is training at least 45 hours a week in addition to being an honors student with multiple AP subjects, i push myself to practice at least 5-10 minutes everyday.


it really just depends on your schedule and lifestyle


Once I got 7800 xp I normally do Duolingo for 1-2 hours then do my french homework which takes another 2 hours. If you count french class that's an extra 45 minutes


About a hour or 30 min


It really depends on the day. Sometimes I just want to grab my streak and get off, but sometimes I really want to push my tree.


I used to do 6 hours a day but stopped once I finished my tree.


I'm not sure, some days more than others, but quite a lot... I like to aim for about 20 hours a week.


I usually do 40xp/20 mins per day in duolingo and up to as much again listening to or reading Spanish outside duolingo.


On average maximally a few minutes a day.


2 hours it insane i usally get 5oo xp a day the lowest amount in a day was 300 xp


Wow. I normally do around 100 xp.


thats just the begin my friend did 1000 xp in 1 day


Congratulations to him. (Kudos means praise, honor, compliments, congratulations.)


How do you get 1000 XP in a day? I thought I was addicted. My brain would've melted before then.

[deactivated user]

    I make myself do 5 minutes a day

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