Who else is enjoying the new course? I'm loving it so far! Any tips on how to remember the characters? Good luck on your Japanese! ^_^

May 18, 2017


I just make mental associations with things I already know :P The symbol for 'mu' kind of looks like an animal, 'o' has an 'o' pattern in it (the ring at the bottom) whereas 'a' is similar but has the extra stroke for like "I'm #1!". lol i'm weird -___- Repetition is probably the best key.

that's a good idea ;)

Thank you so much that helps!

Yes, i am loving the way they are working through the individual characters first - so much easier than the russian way of diving in With words - i still get confused on that course. As for remembering i am making mental pictures if i can and repeating all the individual lessons several times.

I hope that the significant programming work that went into bringing Japanese to fruition might also have loosened the technical strictures that have kept Duo's alphabet teaching so unsatisfactory (from the standpoint of the course contributors and everyone else).

Yes, I am enjoying the course! ^-^ I don't have tips, sadly! I just practice over and over again. Good luck to you too! btw, were you parislover5489?

Yeah I changed my username again back to Parislover5489 because people might get confused :)

Oh, ok ;)

I see you're Parislover1217 now. If you do want to change it, you could just put ~Formerly Parislover5489~ so people still know it's you. That's what i'd do. ;)

I will always remember this one, シ (shi), because it looks like a smiley.

There are also the cyclops smileys ソ(so) and ン(n) haha.
And of course ノ(no) the one with no eyes.

unfortunately, I always mix up シ (shi) with ツ (tsu) haha

Haha, true. I feel that shi is the roadrunner going fast while tsu is an owl on a tree looking down. Or that's one way to separate them at least. :_D

ooh, yeah, i can see that! Might help me remember in the future, thanks :D

Writing it out tends to help me remember, as well as the mental association swingbeatnik7 mentioned (my favourites are: ぬ(nu) - chopsticks holding NOOdles (noodles being the swirl).
め (me) - now that it doesnt have a swirl you've dropped the noodles and have a MEss.  な (na) - a nun kneeling infront of a cross.
ひ (hi) - a smiling face laughing "hihihihi". If you do write out the characters, i'd also recommend googling the stroke order of them.

I didn't use any tricks to learn hiragana or katakana. I took a Japanese course in university, and we just practiced reading and writing hiragana in class and for homework. I learned all hiragana in a week, and was able to read it fairly well within two weeks. Katakana we had to work on by ourselves. But the best way to learn it is to write it, and write it over and over again. That was 20 years ago I did this. I ended up living in Japan for 11 years, and my constant exposure to the language allowed me to become pretty quick at reading hiragana and katakana. Kanji was another matter, but I can read around 400.

I just checked and it wasn't released? Is there something wrong with my computer?

It's only on iOS so far

Only on iOS....iOS before the actual website....WTF

Yeah Ifeel so bad for everyone else

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