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Japanese course still unavailable

Hello everyone! I have been waiting for months for Duolingo to finally release the Japanese course, and today is the "estimated launch date". Yet it is still unavailable on my app and on my computer. I understand that updates typically come later for Android phones, but I am surprised I cannot access it on my computer yet. I have several friends who have already tested out of some Japanese levels, so I know it is available to some users. Is it strictly available only for apple users, and not available on desk tops/laptops? Or perhaps it is only available in certain regions?

May 18, 2017



It's only on iOS so far


Ios only at thr moment - the others should be out soon


android 1-2 weeks and web somtime in the "future"


Unfortunately, they didn't mean they were going to release it for everyone at the same time. Here is all they seem to have said about it so far https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/6bxr2v/i_am_luis_von_ahn_coinventor_of_captcha_recaptcha/dhqf031/ I really think they should have been more clear about it though.

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