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How can I earn more lingots?

I know that there's a list of ways to earn them in the lingot store, but I was wondering if there were any other ways too.

May 18, 2017



Enter an XP contest. I've won 100 lingots from winning just one


How do you do that?


That's cool. Maybe I'll give it a try. Do you just say that you want it and they draw a name or something?


And where can I find a reliable XP contest?


There is a contest that has started today you can find here:


If you check the new discussions every now and then, you will find multiple XP contests. Personally, I have never joined one with a price to enter although those are common. I've only joined a few of those on accident because I didn't read the price but I never paid and still participated so it depends.

Not sure how good of a contest this is, but you should try it out.


How do you enter an XP contest?


Here is one recently posted:


You comment saying you want to join and for the next week, you try to earn as must XP as possible. The winner(s) win lingots. The number of lingots depends on the contest. The winners are the ones with the most xp.


Q. How to get Lingots in Duolingo?



  • You typically get Lingots if you finnish lessons for the very first time. So start e.g. new languages and or do brand new lessons.


  • You typically do not get (in my experience) Lingots if you redo previous lessons.
  • Instead you typically get XP points if you redo previous lessons.
  • When you have collected enough XP points you move up to the next level.
  • The maximum level you can reach in Duolingo for a given language is 25.


  • You might get Lingots from other users, e.g. when they like your post in the Duolingo discussion forums
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