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Why does the every day you don't do German the score streak go down???

I can't do this every day. I practice on weekends because my laptop is only for school. I can earn enough lingots to use all the time. Any Advise???

May 18, 2017



The streak shows the constant working every day. If you only work on weekend with Duolingo you cannot increase the streak. So, what, you dont need a streak. Dont worry about that it has nothing to do with you knowledge. On the other side I must say, lerning a language only two times a week is too little I suppose. You could use your smartphone the other days.


Sorry I meant to say week days not week ends. My bad.


I'm confused. Your laptop is only for school but you work on Duolingo on the weekends?


Sorry I meant I do it on week days not weekends.

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