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why won't they let me progress?

I have been on level 14 for WEEKS and every time I think I've completed a bunch of sections, the next time I log on, all my work is erased and I have to spend all my time redoing the same things over and over. How do I get past this. I've been typing 'I am a woman' correctly every day for 3 weeks, among other things....I'm ready to just give us if I'm going to be permanently in one level when i spend at eat 1/2 an hour a day

May 18, 2017



Make sure to clear the cache on your computer along with the search history and restart the computer also that your firewall is not blocking the website and you are never in "in-cognito" mode


Try completing al least one section not just one lesson.


The number of xp you need to level up increases as you go along.

If by "all my work is erased" you mean that your icons have degilded, you do not, in fact, have to review more than you think is necessary. You can continue progressing down the tree, whether your tree is gold or not. You can then go back and finish gilding your tree later, if you want - or move onto something else.


It happens to me as well. I'm completing a bunch of units and I'm still at level 8. I hate it!!!


Lol... Now I'm at level 9.

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