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The new Japanese course- Questions

Apologies if these have already been answered somewhere.

1) Apparently Japanese was only released on iOS. However, I can access it on the website, and I know I saw A LOT of bitter comments complaining that it was only on iOS. (It is worth noting that I was switching between German and Japanese.) Does anyone know the story on this discrepancy?

2) I am unaware of a way to type hiragana on a keyboard meant for an English speaker. Therefore, when I strengthened a skill, I kept getting English to Japanese incorrect because Romaji isn't accepted. Anyone know of a solution to this keyboard conundrum?

(Note: When I opened Duolingo in a second tab, it gave me the message that Japanese isn't available on the website yet.)

Update: After an hour, I managed to get the Japanese keyboard to work. I was able to successfully complete a practice lesson on the website using this. If I forget to switch languages before clicking away from the Japanese tree, the "Website not yet available" message appears and I need to switch the language on my phone.

May 19, 2017



You'll need a Japanese IME to type Hira/Katakana and kanji. Windows has had it built in since windows 7, you just need to activate it. here's a website that explains how to do that for both Mac and Windows: https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/how-to-install-japanese-keyboard/


This was a huge help. Thanks so much. I did need a bit more help, but this was a great starting point.


An alternative to downloading and familiarizing yourself with a keyboard is this: http://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/hiragana.htm where you have buttons for Japanese characters (you can also type in English and it'll automatically transliterate the text for you). Downloading a keyboard is a better option in the long term and you should do that anyway, but this site might help you in the short term for pure convenience or speed.


Thank you for the tip. I sort of wish I'd seen this first! After at least an hour of frustration (and accidentally putting Google into Japanese), I have figured out how to turn on the Japanese keyboard.


I partially-disabled version is available on the web for those that are either using the course on iOS or have used one of the other access modalities floating around. If you know hiragana and can quiz out of the defective hiragana lessons, it may be of some use to you, but its incompleteness will be obvious.

  1. I can also access Japanese on the web version of Duolingo. The website will occasionally redirect me to the "Japanese is not yet available on the web" page, so it is most likely a bug.

  2. You will need to download a Japanese keyboard from your computer's settings. The English keyboard does not work for Duolingo Japanese and cannot type hiragana and other Japanese characters.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the swift reply! Do you mean to say that Romaji isn't accepted or that, even after downloading the Japanese keyboard onto my computer, Duolingo simply can't yet accept ANY version of Japanese typed from my keyboard?


Your answers will probably be accepted after downloading the Japanese keyboard, although I'm not 100% sure since I haven't tried this.


I can't access the course on the website... however I came here because I want to ask anyone who sees this if they know of any other website where I can start Japanese, because I am one of those terrible people who don't have an i-phone and after waiting all these months, I'm really not very happy to wait more :P


I don't know if it has an Android equivalent, but the app Human Japanese was very good. Just not as fun as Duolingo. That said, I plan to use both.

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