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Quizzes gone?

Just went to do a quiz, and it's gone! Will it ever be back or is it yet another piece of Duolingo deleted to "make up for new stuff that's going to come?"

May 19, 2017



I miss the quizzes as well! It seemed by far the most valuable thing to buy with lingots. In the past couple of months I'd been using the quizzes as a way to track my progress as part of an informal competition with friends and will now have to find another metric to gauge progress. The loss of this feature certainly seems like a step backwards.


Please Duolingo, bring back the progress quiz!!! It was so valuable to keep track of how well I'm doing!!!!


I asked the same question yesterday! Apparently there was an A/B test since May 2016 where some people didn't have it and it might've been cut with the new website or at least some more people got moved to the group without a test.

I really hope it comes back! This is the situation we call "verschlimmbessern" in German. Making things worse by making "improvements".


What is A/B test? Is there any alternative?


Duo tests features by putting each user of the site in either group A or group B and then checks which group learns better (I don't know their metrics for that, probably learned vocabulary, tree progress, but I'm sure they are also checking if a user comes back or quits Duo).

They tested having or not having progress quizzes for a year. During an A/B test you could try to just make a new account, but with the website rewrite they seem to be gone for everyone. There is no word yet if the quizzes will return or not. But with them having tested it I fear the worst.


I just want to say I am a big fan of the progress quiz and I don't want it gone. It's the most objective way I have to measure progress. Everything else is sentences I can memorize, and that doesn't tell me how well I can generalize on unseen data.


Totally agree on the "unseen data" part.


Hey, Duo, please bring back the quizzes!


Where have the quizzes gone? What is the point of the lingots if there are no quizzes, once you got the timed practice and the bonus levels? FURIOUS!


I hope it's not a permanent change. If it's an A/B test, how are they going to measure the impact? I would think it can't be measured very well by just looking at usage metrics. I'm going to continue my tree progress with or without the progress quiz so it won't affect my app/web usage stats - but I'm sad that it's gone and it was a really useful learning tool.


This is terrible. Quizzing yourself is quite literally the best way to improve. To take these away from us, is simply like taking tests out of a physical classroom. We won't go anywhere or be able to move forward. I've been with Duo since the beginning, and would test myself on my languages two to three times a week to keep it strong and fresh in my mind. It was the best way to encompass ALL that I had learned into one simple area and practice it, rather than one skill at a time. I still will practice daily, though it feels different, disappointing, and not the same anymore without this feature. Please bring back our learning tool! If it doesn't return soon, it looks like I will be paying monthly to use Babbel instead.


I took the progress quiz after the first time through the tree and did not do well. Went through the tree again and took the quiz. Did better. Just finished the third trip through the tree NO QUIZ! Color me sad. 8-(


Duolingo, please let us know what is happening with the quiz? Went to look for it and it is MIA!!! :( thank you muchly :)


Hate that the quiz is gone. Lingots are completely pointless!!!


It will be replaced by other features.


good ones or rubbish?


Just went to do one now and found the same thing :( is there any news on what these big new changes will be?


Progress quizzes? I still have them


How can I locate Progress quizzes?


Is there any alternative?


I made a new account and just took the placement test for the language I am studying. It's not as accurate but it's something. You can always reset the tree on that second account to retake the placement test.


Could you tell me where I can find the placement test, or any other test for that matter. I have only this is my Lingot Store:

Streak Freeze Double or Nothing Timed Practice (adds a timer to "strengthen skills" Idioms and Proverbs Flirting

Im in the spanish course and just finished "Ir future". Btw, first time i got the Fluency icon on the homepage today.


There's no direct way at the moment. With the new website the progress quiz disappeared. As far as I know there's been no word by Duolingo on whether it's a permanent change or not.

But if you start a new languages or rest your tree you always get asked if you want to start from the beginning or if you want to do a placement test. It then says which skills you know. It's not as accurate as the quiz was, but better than nothing. Since I don't want to reset my tree I just do it on a second account.


But how can a test from a second account judge your skills from your original account? Is there a link between them of some sort?


There is no direct link, but it's the same tree no matter what account.

After the test it colors all the skills I knew in the test gold.This way I can see up to what point in my skill tree I'm really sure of the content. I write myself a note on how far I tested out and on which date and later I can retake the placement test and hopefully score better than before.


How do you make a new account. It won't let me have two accounts.


No need to make another account -- use no account. That is, log out, or simply use your browser's "private" or "incognito" mode. Bonus: since nothing is saved, there is no need to reset progress to take the placement exam again, just close the private tab.


I don't understand.


Duolingo lets you try it out without being logged in. If you start private or incognito mode in your browser, you are effectively not logged in (provided you do not log in after starting private mode), and Duolingo has no idea who you are, so you have zero progress. At zero progress, you can take the placement test for any language. While you are still in private mode, your progress is stored on your computer, but this is only temporary, and lasts until you end private mode. When you do end private mode, that progress is lost, which is what we want for this trick. So if you open a new private session, you're back to zero progress, and can take that quiz again.


You need to use a different email address.

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