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The Most Beautiful Words in Romanian

For me the most beautiful words in Romanian that I like are words that end with "ele" for example:

inelele, lalele, zilele, fluturele, fratele, etc.

The reason I like these words is because I feel they roll of the tongue very beautifully! I also like words that end with "esc" for example:

Te iubesc, odihnesc, polonesc, etc.

However, I'm not really fond with the word multumesc mainly because personally I like the shorter variation "mersi" better. Other words I like are words that end with "os" for example:

frumos, silentios, zgomotos, fricos, ploios, jos, etc.

And finally, I also like words that end with "o" but I know that isn't very common in Romanian mainly because a lot of words ending in "o" are usually in the vocative case which is rarely used. But here are some examples:

acolo, facut-o, vino, mamo!, soro!, nebuno!, bandito! etc.

But that's my personal favorites, tell me yours!

May 19, 2017




I also like words that end with the long e sound "ii" for example:

paianjenii, papagalii, liliecii, canarii, altii, etc.


I'm a native romanian. TBH I love seeing that people like the sound of romanian words. I really like "căpșună" (strawberry), it sounds really cute to me.


Yeah! That's really cool, your language is very beautiful which is why I'm learning it!


mine is "animal de companie", a lot easier to have three words instead of three letters in english (pet)

Finally romanian looks latin in the french way


I love the -ul suffix, but my favourite word by far is


It just sounds so cool, buh-yah-tool XD


Very cool! My favorite word with the -ul suffix is:


I just like how it sounds! However, I tend to not pronounce the "l" when there is another constant after it. For example:

Baiatu' rau

The only time I pronounce "ul" is when there is a vowel after it, for example:

Baiatul este rau

The reason I do this is because it easier to verbalize... Well, at least for me anyways; but it helps me to speak with a flow (if you know what I mean).


I like the word taur

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