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Should allow people strengthen multiple skills at the same time

Just a thought! I think Duolingo should allow people strengthen multiple skills at the same time. Now I have a lot of skills I need to review (about 12 of them) and even if I do 3-4 per day (Which I'm pretty busy), there will still be some new one pop out the next day. Because of this, I don't have time to learn new stuff, I have to review these everyday!!! (I know sometime, rarely (about 3 times from Lv.1-Lv.14), they will allow me to strengthen multiple skills at the same time)

May 19, 2017



Often times when I have multiple skills to re-gild, I can strengthen one and it will re-gild two or three because of the overlap of words, more so with German than with Spanish b/c there are so many more modules in German


I have the same problem too.


I've had multiple skills strengthen before (It happened just the other night, actually) and it seems to me it's more likely to happen when I repeat strengthening exercises and when those are either the general ones or farther up the tree. So, maybe you could concentrate on strengthening your recent skills a bunch of times and see if that helps, or take a few days and just do the general strengthening exercises a bunch of times and see if that helps ( and use the hints so that it doesn't take you forever to finish.)

Other than that I agree with the other person on the thread to not worry too much about keeping the tree golden for now and make sure you do at least a couple of new skills or lessons a week. You can always concentrate on gilding the tree after you finish it (that's what I'm doing.)


Yeah. I really wish Duolingo could add a feature where you could combine skills and strengthen them in one lesson.


I'm glad it happened two times today! two skills at the same time! really helpful, hopefully it could happened more often...( for me, it looks wired when one of the skill is not gold...


I had this problem about two weeks ago and asked the community for help. They told me (and this has proved to be true) that once you start getting into higher skills it strengthens multiple courses. For example; I was learning a new skill called "Dates" in german a week ago, and while I was learning it I strengthened another skill called "Comparisons" because lots of words from that lesson were in "Dates".


Thanks so helpful!!!!


Totally I get so annoyed when this happens I go through them ALL THE TIME


Well, you don't have to have everything golden in order to proceed. You can do revisions and learn new lessons whenever you feel like it.


It's great when I happen to strengthen multiple skills at once! I totally agree with you - strengthening multiple skills would save me so much time.


well, you'll have so much languages to learn!


How do you proceed if you finished the tree and kept strengthening skills continously? Now I am all gold


If you've learned everything in the tree, move on. If you haven't, it makes sense to keep practicing :) A practical measure of "learned everything" could be can you get all the way through three timed practices on any skill in the tree with good scores (probably 18+)? If you haven't gotten much translation into Spanish, the English tree for Spanish speakers can be a reasonable option.


Thanks for the ideas! I have never had the courage to try the timed practice, though I took several times the extra tests. I'll go for the timed ones from now on. And even though English is only an ESL for me, I might try your suggestion with the English tree.


You're welcome. I have indeed found timed practice to be a most useful learning mechanism. I like the feeling of not succeeding, not succeeding, and then as I learn a skill better getting to a place where I can go all the way through the timed practice for it. That way I know when I've mastered that skill for now and move on to the next, largely working sequentially through the tree.


Do you mean that you try timed practice on every element on the tree?


I'm not sure I understand the question. Once you pay the 10 lingots for timed practice, it simply remains enabled and doesn't cost any more lingots for as long as you have your account, and no matter how many languages you might happen to add.

If I can help you with anything else, feel free to ask!


Yes. If I don't have a background in the language, it'll be part of my basic approach to trying to learn the content (whether it be on a first or second trip through the tree). If I do have a background, at least once in a blue moon I'll regild things and tend to use timed practice to do it.


piguy3, I have one more question. How can you keep your lingots necessary to buy timed practice if you are not keeping up collecting lingots? I gave you a lingot because I haven't found anybody to ask about these simple though important issues.


I did a new module, in French, on Android, the other day, and it actually showed me that I had strengthened two exercises at once upon completion!

I wonder if this feature is actually in place, but maybe it's incredibly buggy. Surely if it happened once, it should be happening all the time.

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