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Suggestion for Japanese web course

I feel that once Japanese is out on web they should allow latinized alphabete tips and suggestions on how to spell words in Japanese characters, (( Of course I only mean tips, the user would still have to actually type in Japanese characters to get the question correct )) I installed the japanese keyboard layout to my computer last night and one doesnt have to memorize keys how to spell words like the Russian layout, but one does have to know how the words are spelled in order to type the words. small example.

Seven = nana = なな , which is correct. You type nana in the japanese keyboard layout you type it correctly for the course.

May 19, 2017



You can learn Japanese on web. There is a way around the lock.


Thank you so much, you are my favorite person on this site right now.

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aww thanks :D


So if it can be unlocked why don't they just release it?

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beats me, I thought it was going to be released on web first and then on mobiles. perhaps they want to add a way to easily enter Japanese letters, who knows.. epic language list by the way


I already ended my english. I want a duolingo japanese course to introduce me to the language.


nani!? (na nEE) means what, or really!


Ya that's a great idea . Thanks

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