Translation:the apricot

May 19, 2017

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Of feminine gender, and Turkish etymological derivation, Can this word be also used for "peach", or for some other such fruit known otherwise (that is, generally) as "stone fruit"? (I realize that "piersica" is the word for peach, specifically.)


I think drupă could be the word you are looking for, but I haven't seen anyone use it.


razvan.marin - Interesant! It sounds Latinate, yes. I almost bought some cherries today. Later, someone offered me some figs, and the English word "drupe" (drupaceous, speaking taxonomically) occurred to me at that moment (Actually, I was thinking "droop"). Cherries, almonds, damsons (?), etc., are drupes. Oh, a fig is not a drupe, but I did buy a coffee plant today. Now I know. Fantastic!


I just can't remember this one


Me either...drives me insane

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