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"Ela está ficando mais bonita."

Translation:She is getting prettier.

March 19, 2014



Ok, so what's the rationale behind this mysterious verb: ficar. What does it mean? What are the meanings it can take? What are some patterns we should know that would hint us into the meaning of '...ficar...' in any particular sentence?


Ficar: stay, be, get, have a crush on someone, spend, and some other meanings.


Can ficando mean becoming? She is becoming more beautiful.


Yes, it is also right.


In "O homen está ficando amarelo" the answer was "The man is turning yellow". So why is "She is turning more beautiful" wrong?


(I'm brazilian, then I'm sorry for my bad english) Well, you are correct, it should be accepted. But, actually, there is a little difference. I think "turning to" is more about a transformation, a change from some characteristic to another, or something like that. And in this case, someone is getting prettier, but she was not necessarily ugly before, so that is not a real "transformation". That's my impression, as a native speaker of portuguese. :|


I agree ficar is a very versatile verb used all over but have never really seen it translated to "getting", I'll add to the list!

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