"Baada ya kuja Tanzania tulisema Kiswahili"

Translation:After coming to Tanzania we spoke Swahili

May 19, 2017

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From my travels in Tanzania I found that "-ongea" or "-zumgumza" are more common than "-sema".


I found the same in Kenya


That is more grammatically correct, I've reported it.


I find it interesting that, thus far--and I am not that far along--I have found so many words that evidently have the same root as Persian (Farsi) words. In this case, "baada." Ba'ad means after in Farsi, too. But I've found many such words, as well as Arabic ones, not to mention English ones. So it's almost like the language is "familiar" to me, even though I am just starting out in it. :-)


Yup, I'm finding links to Hindi (probably through Arabic influences on both). Only problem? I don't know Hindi well either!


Agree. Kusema = to say; 'ongea' and 'zungumza' = to converse, to talk, to speak (in this context). Alisemaje? What did he say? 'Tumezungumza (-ongea) na wazazi' = we had a conversation with (spoke to) our parents...

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