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My scoring/ranking is increasing at the end of my lesson, but remaining the same on the home page.

It appears I am on a steady decline of my ranking although I have been doing twice as much, i keep getting the same or similar lessons repeated, as if the previous one is not being recorded. I today finished my lesson twice, has my ranking increase my 1 %only for it not to appear on my home screen. I am operating both the App and Webpage on my IOS tablet. I love the apo but my work is not being rewarded and is off-putting

May 19, 2017



Do you mean the fluency percentage? That is not ranking. The fluency percentage is just a meaningless number! I don't really understand why have people been getting so upset about it recently. It was meant as a motivation thingy, but they did something to it a few weeks ago, and it's been going up and down and people are getting so upset about nothing. It is just a number!

[deactivated user]

    The webpage gives a better result for increasing Duolingo's "fluency %". Because the excercises are more difficult.
    The amount of XP is not related to Duolingo's "fluency %"
    In the Duolingo Wiki you can read more about

    But don't bother about Duolingo's "Fluency%". It is unreliable. There are many complaints about this behaviour of Duolingo, since Duolingo's staff stopped an A/B test for Fluency and started the new web version recently.

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