Translation:I agree

May 19, 2017

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Note the infinitive form is kukubali


qabul- قبول is the arabic word for acceptance

kabul etmek - is Turkish for to accept / to agree

If Arabic is the origin the vowel change has no importance. The root letters qbl carry the meaning.


Cevabını kabul ediyorum. ;-)

The vowel changes in Arabic often indicate changes from noun to verb, singular to plural, changes in tense and things like that. This often survives into languages that Arabic words are borrowed into, such as SaFaRi (jouney) versus kuSaFiRi (to travel), WaZiRi (minister) versus WiZaRa (ministry), SaLaMa (peaceful), mwiSLaMu (Muslim).

So I'm tempted to think that kukubali, while definitely borrowed from the q-b-l root in Arabic, was probably borrowed from a different form of it than Turkish kabul was, maybe from a verb form?


Do you want it this detailed;D

ok there are to my knowledge:

  • qabila - to accept / to approve/ to assent

  • yooqbal - acceptable

  • qoobool - acceptance/ agreement / admission / approbation

  • qibla - goal/ orientation/ direction

  • qaabiliya - aptitude /capacity disposition

  • maqbool - acceptable/ accepted / presentable : admissable

  • qaabal - to correspond to / to compare to

  • mooqabila - audience / comparison / interview

  • mooqabil - who is in front of you / corresponding

  • aqbala - to approach

  • iqbal - arrival

  • taqqabil - to receive / accept

  • taqaabool- confrontation /opposite/ correspondence / opposition

well there are more ... pick any you like:D

Watch out the above is Arabic not Swahili !


"to agree with something" is kukubali kitu fulani, with no word equivalent to "with". It's a bit like "to approve something".

"to agree with someone" is kukubaliana na mtu fulani The related verb kubaliana is used and na is the equivalent of "with"

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