"Мій офіс в Атланті."

Translation:My office is in Atlanta.

May 19, 2017

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I am just a bit curious; why do developers only use Kyiv, Denver and Atlanta as examples for cities? I mean, why not Lviv and Donetsk? Is there something special with Denver and Atlanta for Ukrainians?


Agreed, would be nice to actually learn some Ukrainian city/town names


They said they used Denver and Atlanta because their spelling and pronunciation in both languages is similar, and uses simple letters. Nothing special.

The two examples of Ukrainian cities are Kyiv and Odesa. Lviv and Donetsk would be nice too, I agree :)


по реченню не зрозуміло що саме мається на увазі:

"My office is in Atlanta" чи "My office in Atlanta"

тому пропоную додати обидва варіанти


Yep, added both, thanks

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