I do not understand. The more I do with duolingo the lower my fluency percentage is. I started French at 30% fluency and now that I have reached level 13 I am at 8% fuency?

May 19, 2017


The fluency is not reliable

After 7 months at 62% (dropped for some reason from 63%), I received congrats that I was at 62%. When I sent a message hoping they'd respond, they lowered it to 61% ?????????

It can be the more you peek at words and the more you get wrong, the lower your fluency goes .... but the fluency is not that accurate, as Parislover1217 said.

[deactivated user]

    Don't bother about the Fluency%. It is unreliable.
    There are many complaints about this behaviour of Duolingo, since Duolingo's staff stopped an A/B test for Fluency and started the new web version recently.

    Yes, I complained because I had been stuck at 62% for almost 7 months so what did they do? Lowered me to 61%!

    Same problem. Stuck at 62% for around 7 months, then got congratulated for raising up to 62%??? When I wrote to complain, they lowered it to 61% Makes me wonder if anyone is paying attention.

    Stop complaining! No, fluency is very mysterious and goes up and down in an arbitrary manner. When you got over fifty, that is about it.

    If my score went up and down I could live with it, but it only goes down

    I am going to chime in on fluency as well because nothing irritates me more about Duolingo than how they measure the fluency. It has to do with a recent change in algorithm which resulted in my Spanish fluency dropping from 57% to 51% overnight (!). And now, almost 2 months and almost 3000 (!) XP points later, all I have is 52%. And this is all while the whole skill tree is golden at all times. I went through all the skills long time ago and now all I can do is click on Strengthen your skills button. This is very discouraging. The hard work needs to be rewarded. Otherwise, there is no incentive to continue. Unless the Duolingo makes some needed changes in this area, I am going to look for a different language learning program.

    Hate to say it, but I agree. I don't especially like the recent program changes and am thinking another program with a different approach might reawaken my incentive.

    I agree. There's a lot about the recent algorithm changes that I really don't like and am searching out a new site because of it. My French fluency has dropped from 59% since the change. It's happened gradually, but today was the last straw when, after practicing for over an hour a day for the last three months, it dropped yet again to 55%. Also, when I sign on now, just about every day I have 10-12 skills that need to be "strengthened" - even if I've strengthened that exact same skill every day for the past three months. Re-doing the lessons hasn't helped fix this. I'm fine with learning from mistakes, and I actually like that some of the skills "de-gold" to make me go back and remember what I haven't used recently. But if duolingo is only going to show me going backwards and if the new algorithm won't pull up old lessons I haven't practiced for a while but is going to make me keep doing the same old ones over and over, I'm off to find a new program. I need some positive reinforcement for all this work, and right now duolingo is like that coach who just screams at you all the time without ever telling you good job - and that is not a positive learning environment for me.

    Same here. I finished the italian tree long ago, I am at level 18 and the fluency doesn´t go beyond 36%. It´s been there for a few ages. I do not really know how to increase it.

    now reached 5,290 XP and the fluency score has dropped another point. At this rate of progress Duolingo will soon have made me completely ignorant of the French language

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