"Wale sind größer als Mäuse."

Translation:Whales are bigger than mice.

May 19, 2017

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Upon closer examination..


Danke gott fur das!


Danke gott fur das!

The German expression is Gott sei Dank! (literally, "To God be thanks!").


Wales is a typo.... don't be so critical..duo needs to focus on understanding part


Wales is a typo.... don't be so critical

Duolingo generally forgives single-letter mistakes as long as they do not result in a real word.

For example, mis-spelling "cat" as "cag" will probably only get a typo warning, since "cag" is not a word, but mis-spelling "cat" as "car" will be marked as a full error, since "car" is a word, but not the correct one.

Similarly, "whales" and "Wales" are completely different words with different meanings. Duolingo has no way of knowing whether you wrote "Wales" intentionally (perhaps because you thought that the German word Wale refers to the country of Wales), or whether your finger did not press the h key hard enough to register. So it marks it as a mistake, since the German Wale does not mean "Wales".

duo needs to focus on understanding part

If you need such leniency, I highly recommend getting a human teacher -- someone who can actually understand languages and can see when you have understood the meaning of a sentence even if you make a mistake.

A computer program that can only compare sentences against a list may not be the kind of teacher that is best for you.

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