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vous meaning plural

how is vous used when it means a plural you? does it use the same verb conjugations and then how do you know if it is a singular or plural you?

March 3, 2013



Verbs conjugated with "vous" are always *second person plural. The individual verb endings depend on the verb, but a lot are similar. Here's a verb conjugator table for you to explore.... http://french.about.com/library/verb/bl-verbconjugator.htm If the verb you are looking for isn't there, then use the Google machine.

As for knowing if "vous" is singular or plural, it doesn't change the verb endings, but to know if it is talking about 1 person formally, or many people (formally or informally) all depends on context (see Sitesurf's comment below).

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1st line: ... are always second person plural. + with "vous" plural, the form of possessive adjectives will be plural, with "vous" singular it will be singular:

  • vous prenez vos livres à la page 4
  • vous prenez votre livre à la page 4


I meant second person. My bad.

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