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Improvements after beta?

The Japanese course is the first course I've used that was still in beta, and while I'm glad it exists, I'm overall pretty underwhelmed and really dislike the way it functions in comparison to other courses. It's also extremely short and only seems to cover the very bare basics of the language, yet doesn't really explain grammar. For those of you that have used other courses while in beta, what sort of improvement did you see over time, and if you're using the Japanese course, what do you expect from it?

May 19, 2017



I personally love the Japanese course, even though it is short; it's the first time I can actually read Japanese characters. Spending three years using every single (not exaggerating) Japanese app in the store, this is the only one that really works for me.

So yeah, hopefully longterm wise, improvements are made, but the translators should take a break. This took some hard work.


the japanese course has been much more rushed than the other beta courses. this very much isn't a finished product. they released it for the hype and in the hope to attract new users. it will undoubtedly improve over time but i wouldn't hold my breath. japanese tree 2.0 will be much more refined but it's at least a year in the making.

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