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"George aleargă de-a lungul bulevardului."

Translation:George runs along the avenue.

May 19, 2017



I notice the genitive case here. Is that because the sentence is more like George runs the length of the boulevard?


Yep, we lack a simpler way of saying it as in English.


Thanks I was about to ask the same question!


Previously, "de-a lungul" meant across, as in "de-a lungul insulei." This one counted that incorrect. Is there a difference in usage or is that an error?


Just wanted to point out an easy way to remember these words for people getting mixed up. They are essentially the same as English words Longitude & Latitude which we use more geographically on maps ect then in daily life. I would suggest without looking it up that both words are probably from latin roots.

Lungul - longitude, length, along

Latul - latitude, width, across


Very helpful Thanks!

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