Translation:Do not run

May 19, 2017

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Infinitive - Imp Sg - Imp Pl – Imp Sg Neg – Imp Pl Neg

  • Kukimbia – kimbia – kimbieni - usikimbie – msikimbie

To run - run ! - run (you all)! – Don’t run ! – Don’t run (you all)!

  • Kusoma - soma – someni - usisome – msisome

To read - Read ! - Read (you all)! – Don’t read ! – Don’t read (you all)!

  • Kuandika - Andika – Andikeni - usiandike – msiandike

To write - Write ! - Write (you all)! – Don’t write ! – Don’t write (you all)!

  • Kulala - Lala – Laleni - usilale – msilale

To sleep - Sleep ! - Sleep (you all)! – Don’t sleep ! – Don’t sleep (you all)!

  • Kuamka - Amka – Amkeni - usiamke – msiamke

To wake up - Wake up ! - Wake up (you all)! – Don't wake up! – Don't wake up (you all)!

  • Kucheza – cheza – chezeni - usicheze – msicheze

To play - Play ! - Play (you all)! – Don’t play ! – Don’t play (you all)!

  • Kujaribu - Jaribu – Jaribuni - usijaribu – msijaribu

To try - Try ! - Try (you all)! – Don't try! – Don't try (you all)!

  • Kurudi – rudi – rudini - usirudi – msirudi

To return - Return ! - Return (you all)! – Don’t return ! – Don’t return (you all)!

  • Kufikiri - Fikiri – fikirini - usifikiri – msifikiri

To think - Think ! - Think (you all)! – Don't think! – Don't think (you all)!

  • Kurudi – furahi – furahini - usifurahi – msifurahi

To be happy - Be happy ! - Be happy (you all)! – Don’t be happy ! – Don’t be happy (you all)!

  • Kuja - Njoo – Njooni - usije – msije

To come - Come ! - Come (you all)! – Don’t come! – Don’t come (you all)!

  • Kwenda - Nenda – Nendeni - usiende – msiende

To go - Go ! - Go (you all)! – Don’t go! – Don’t go (you all)!


This is an amazing list! Thank you so much!

Btw: it seems that you have accidentally written "kurudi" at "-furahi".


Formation of the negative Imperative:

Sg: u + si + root (if last letter = ‘a’ it changes to ‘e’

Pl: m + si + root (if last letter = ‘a’ it changes to ‘e’

Example: kukimbia - to run

Sg: u + si + kimbi - a becomes e + usikimbie - Don’t run!

Pl: m + si + kimbi - a becomes e + msikimbie – Don’t run (you all)!

Verb stems ending in other letters than a don't change Ex. kufikiri (to think) - usifikiri (Don't think)


"You all, don't run" should be accepted as well.


Yeah, report it.


Or "you guys, don't run"


I wish they would accept it, but in this course you will mostly be marked wrong for "you all". Maybe because it is specifically American English.


You all is American English, though not every American dialect uses it.


It should be marked correct. They accept "you all" on the positive commands. But they mark the negatives wrong. How else are we supposed to let them know that we recognize that it is plural??


After reading a lot of comments on this issue in this course, I now agree with those who say that "you all" is only used in certain US dialects, and -m- should be translated as "you" because that is what the rest of us would actually say in standard English.

As a general principle, it would be wrong to translate literally where English doesn't make such a distinction, just to let them know that we recognize the grammatical category. In the same way, we shouldn't write "you (accusative)" just because English doesn't distinguish between you as subject vs. object (in the way it does with the pronouns I vs me and she vs her).


the program is inconsistent in what it will accept in terms of the pronoun use


It seems so (among many other inconsistencies in this course).

For those who actually have "you all" in their dialect, it shouldn't be marked wrong, but then it just depends which correct alternatives (e.g. "all of you", "both of you") are reported by how many students and in how many lessons. If we are lucky, the course developers detect a pattern in the reports and revise the accepted answers for a whole lesson. (At least, I am guessing that's how it works.) Then we would get more consistency.

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