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  5. Could we get a Japanese forum?


Could we get a Japanese forum?

The course has already been released after all. It would make getting answers to Japanese related questions easier and the rest of us wouldn't have to scroll through those. The situation is still very mild but I imagine as the days go by and more people join the course, not to mention when the course is released on Android, there is going to be a whole lot more of Japanese related posts.

May 19, 2017



It hasn't been added to the website yet, so technically, on the site, it doesn't yet exist.

And even if they did add Japanese forums, 90% of the comments would be angry statements from people who don't use iPhones.


iPod also runs iOS.


Actually it does exist. The course is already added to the website but it's hidden from people and made inaccessible at the moment. There are some ways to open it in browser, it's quite buggy though


And the rest of us wouldn't have to be reminded of a course we wish we could do....


I'm already seeing active conversations on phones lol.


Conversations on phones? On Duolingo?


i am eager for the forum to launch, yes. i understand how they're probably reluctant to launch it prior to the course being available to all users but since there is an hindi forum without an an hindi course surely giving us the japanese forum now should be possible.


It has been released?! yay!!

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