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  5. "Wir trinken Wein."

"Wir trinken Wein."

Translation:We drink wine.

March 3, 2013



I really can't seem to understand how the verb means 'i am drinking' or 'i drink'. Can somebody please explain?


Ich Trinkt is i drinking.


Ich Trinkt is i drinking.

In the sense that ich trinkt is grammatical nonsense in German and "I drinking" is grammatical nonsense in English, yes.


Why does it sound as if she's saying "trinkten"? I noticed this extra "t" with some other word as well, but can't remember which.


There's no extra /t/. What you're interpreting as a /t/ is actually a glottal stop.



Interesting! We don't have this sound in the Norwegian language.


Hello. (It's a good place showing appreciation to all dear friends who have tried to do the best for information society development at the first point). I've a question. If "Wein" in this sentence is accusative so why don't we use "den" (because it's a masculine noun)? Does it have any special reason? Thanks (We say it {mean thanks} in Farsi or Persian "Sepasgozaram").


Which case to use and whether to use an article are independent of each other.

Using a particular case does not mean that you always use an article or never use an article.

Wein in this sentence is accusative, because it's the object of trinken.

And it has no article because we are not drinking "the wine" (some specific quantity that we had spoken about before), but simply "wine" (an unspecific quantity of the uncountable substance).

The choice to use an article or not is completely independent of the requirement to use the accusative case.

Without an article, it does mean that you can't see that Wein is in the accusative case. But that's not a problem.


Thank you my brother. It's our pleasure to see your comments in many posts. You are very active and that's why you are a popular face here. thanks again. We do not need to use definite mark in any case.


Shouldn't it have been 'We are drinking wine' .


That is another possible translation.


Are all beverages and drinks considered to be masculine in Deutsche?


I type we drink wine and it says I am wrong like what.


I type we drink wine and it says I am wrong

Do you have a screenshot that shows that answer being rejected in a translation exercise?

If so, please share it with us -- upload it to a website somewhere (e.g. imgur) and tell us the URL of the image.

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