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Feature Request: Translate Conversations

Hey there,

Before I delve into my feature request (can you tell I work in the dev space? :p), I first want to say that I am truly happy with the service Duolingo provides. To everyone on the Duolingo team, your hard work is very much appreciated.

Okay, so, here's the dilly-o: I'm now on level 8 of the Spanish course and all is well, expect one thing I've constantly noticed is how I'm limited to translating sentences in isolation. (Examples: 1) "ella bebe vino blanco"; 2) "Quiero pan y pasta para el almuerzo"). This is fine to get started, but I often feel like I'm missing out on normal dialog between two or more people. What I'd love is some kind of feature where the user is presented with a conversation such that either part of or the entire conversation must be translated. The conversations can start out simple where person A says something basic and then person B responds, but as you go up levels, the exchanges grow and become more advanced. Examples:

Person A: Hello, my name is Jon Person B: Hi, John. My name is Amy.

Person A: Do you have apples? Person B: Yes, I have apples.

Person A: Where are you going? Person B: I am going home to cook and eat.

The main goal would be that I can come away an increased level of confidence when trying to talk with other people.

In any case, thanks again to everyone on the Duolingo team for all of your hard work. Keep'er up! :D

March 3, 2013

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This could be a good idea. ;)

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