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How to actually get to the end of a tree?

I've been working on my French tree for over a year now, and my problem is that whenever skills higher up the tree start to degrade, I feel like I have to go back and do them before moving on. For me it's a perfectionist thing, I have to make the entire tree gold before doing a new lesson. Does anyone else do this or do you just continue with new lessons even though your previous lessons have degraded? Do you go back and refresh them or do you not worry about it until you've completed the tree?

May 19, 2017



It is a perfectionist thing. Move at whatever pace you want to finish the tree. Then, go back and make it gold. That's what I did.


I don't worry about them unless they are degraded by more than one bar. I completely understand the perfectionist thing and I myself like seeing my tree all golden but until you can accept the fact that it is really hard to keep the entire thing golden, you will have a hard time ranking up. Another strategy is for you to finish the tree without worrying about the others and go back and strengthen all the rest of the skills quickly in one sitting. That way, they don't have the time to degrade. I hope this helps!


By ranking do you mean levels? Those are based only on xp; you level up at the same pace reviewing as doing new lessons.


Oh, sorry, I misworded. By "ranking up" I meant like learning new skills.


Forget perfection, do a set number of new lessons every day and only revise earlier skills if you have time left over. You can always go back and revise everything when you have completed the tree.


I kept my Spanish tree gold as I went through it. Some days I would only review, but eventually I finished it. However, you might need to do at least a certain number of lessons each day to outpace the rate of decay. Five worked for me, but four would probably work too.


If my tree isn't golden, I normally do two reviews and then a new lesson, and then repeat that as I go.

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When you make less mistakes the skills will stay golden longer and it's possible to finish the tree while keeping everything gold. I did this with German tree and it's much longer than french one.


As others have mentioned, you should mix new lessons into your practice to insure that you continue to progress.


I tend to keep the skills golden as I move down a tree, especially for the first two thirds or so. I use the "Course Progress" and "Updated Tree Trimmer" userscripts to help manage my progress downward better.


Past the halfway point of the tree, it is often more time effective to let skills lose two or three bars before refreshing them. Once you have become used to using the Tree Trimmer, it should be easier to keep track of which skills have decayed most and concentrate on them.


Give new lessons priority over keeping past lessons golden. It is that simple.


I always make it golden but that's just the way I learn. If there is a topic I should improve on, I work on it before I move on to something new. It works for me and my style of learning, but you do you.

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