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How much grammar is there in the JP tree?

I haven't seen any skills with grammar topics in the title... Will "time" cover tenses too? I just find it strange as most trees on Duo has a lot of grammar skills, while Japanese has mostly vocbaulary skills. I'm assuming they will cover grammar in these skills too. What has been your experience? How much grammar is in the lessons?

Thanks for your answers. I already have Tae Kim's guide and JapaneseAmmo's lessons for beginners on Youtube. I was just worried about the grammar in the Duo course.

May 19, 2017



Don't worry, you can be assured that they will add grammar notes and tips, without that it would be just plain stupid.


I hope they add it when the PC version is available...


I tested the course, so I have a fairly solid idea of how the course works.

Most courses out there focus on giving whole lessons devoted to grammar. However, their is no use throwing all of this grammar at a learner at once. Rather, it is introduced to you gradually. There are obviously no notes at the moment, however I find Japanese Grammar Guide, by Tae Kim, to be very, very useful.

The time skill does not teach tenses, it only teaches how to say different times.


The time skill isn't supposed to teach it, it teaches......time. Japanese does not have future tense modal verbs like “will” or “be going to” in English so those skills are not necessary although i guess that should be explained to beginners. To show that we are talking about the future, we need to use words such as 明日(tomorrow) and 来年(next year). The basic form of all Japanese verbs is by default present tense and future tense at the same time.


They do. They just need to add grammar notes xD

A tip is: usually, the noun goes first. In time, the time usually goes first as well.

I'm not sure how much grammar there is, but it's mainly vocab. You learn the grammar (somehow) as you go along.


Maybe they want to teach us like they teach babies to speak, without any grammar explanations. I don't know how well that's going to work for us grown ups...


I don't know how either. Hopefully they add some grammar notes.

I guess they expect us to use other sources as well, such as videos on grammar.

I found a couple of videos about Japanese grammar if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p4Kta-oJ8I&t=377s




I'm okay with that since there are already a lot of other resources. I just expected more of a Duolingo course... Thanks for those links! One of the best channels I've seen for Japanese is JapaneseAmmo. She has very well made playlist for beginners: https://youtu.be/UneYOL0DQxk

Oh, and obviously, if you don't already have it, I recommend Tae Kim's guide for learning Japanese (free)


Thank you~

I have use Tae Kim's guide, however I like video's better then reading.


Hi! So far, I have not seen any grammar notes. However, I assume they will add them later. If you need any help with grammar this site will help: Tae Kim's Japanese Guide Website

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