"Polițiștii au adormit supraveghind închisoarea."

Translation:The police officers fell asleep overseeing the prison.

May 19, 2017

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Sorry for "the clutter" but... I don't find the multiple choice test that good for this sentence (the one where you don't actually get to read the English translation) because of the so many possible correct answer. Just to name a few:

"Polițiștii au adormit nesupraveghind închisoarea. " = "The police officers fell asleep not overseeing the prison." "Polițiștii au adormit supraveghind-mi/-le/-i închisoarea. " = "The police officers fell asleep overseeing my/their/(his/her) prison."

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If they fell asleep, then they weren't overseeing the prison, and nesupraveghind could be used...


can 'supraveghind' also be translated as 'supervising'?

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