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Losing a streak for no apparent reason

I am trying to get help with this problem. I set Streak Freeze, and I had a 128 day streak. A week ago, last Thursday,I flew from NY to CA and did a duolingo practice when I arrived in CA, well before midnight local time, and the streak seemed fine. But I noticed on Saturday that I had no points on Friday, even though I had done a practice, but I think the streak was still fine. On Sunday the streak was gone, back to 1! I don't miss days with duolingo. If I can't do it in the morning, I make sure to do it later. Maintaining my streak was important to me. Please restore this. I think this was caused somehow by the change in time zone (3 hours), not by my lack of diligence. I don't think I should be punished for changing time zones. Thank you. Gitanomama (should be Gitanamama, but I wasn't as good in Spanish when I started using this.)

March 19, 2014



Should be back :)


I got it back and that made me very happy. I'm aiming for a year! Though I don't know what will happen if I go to Mexico or some other country to study Spanish. I wish we could bank day, maybe by 30 points a day? Just an idea. Even though there are other language learning sites, this one does have a community, and that makes a big difference.


Hi! It's based on the time zone you used to sign up for Duolingo. This can be confusing when traveling. I completely understand! I'll take a look at your specific account. That's quite an impressive streak.


Can you change the time zone, or does it automatically change when you move location? I'm living in Russia and plan to move back to Canada in a few months.


I don't remember choosing a time zone when I signed up. Did I? Or did Duolingo choose the time zone for me based on my IP? Is our time zone listed under Settings? It would be easy to add -- it's a simple call to the database.


I think Duolingo considers the timezone in which you first registered for keeping streaks, not the local time. That could explain what went wrong :-(


I think you are right. They do attach you to one time zone permanently. This may make a problem with living in a country 12 hours out of synch with the original time zone. Language people like to travel.

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