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How can I contact users?

I've been a user for quite some time now, and since the activity stream was removed, and I wish to contact a user, but since that is removed, how can I contact them?

May 19, 2017



If you post on their stream, they will receive a notification of what you have said to them


The streams got removed. That's what he just said.


Even though the stream was removed, the user still gets a message that a message was sent to them. With me, for instance, I recently got an email that a user posted on my stream. Granted, the message won't be visible since the stream is gone, but you do get the email message.


Ok, but I was A/B tested before so I can't anymore


i know that but you can still do it.


I still have the old website. A few days ago someone posted something to me and I saw it on my notification bell, but the Activity Stream shows nothing. So if you post on their stream, they could see it if they get emails from Duolingo or maybe they'd see it under the bell messages.


When I go to someone's profile I get to see a message box in which I can write and still post to them.

They get a bell notification of it in the top right corner.

However, the notifications can only hold five messages, and I think the messages have to be quite short - otherwise the ends of them probably get cut off.


If they have their notifications turned on they will still receive your messages by email. I would recommend using discord or some other message app to communicate, and sending your friends the invite links. If anyone is interested I can share some links to discord chattrooms that many duolingoers are using already.


You can try through discussion board but other than, you will have to wait until the activity stream is reinstated, if it will be.


you can post on their stream


No you actually can't


how do you post in someones stream?


No because the streams got removed.


Some people like me still can though. And as long as the user has their notifications turned on they will receive the message in their email.


I agree with you. Even though the streams are gone, I still get the messages as well.


That's true but it's inefficient to say "post on my stream" because many people (including me) can't.


stop trying to correct people, we wouldn't say you could do it if it werent true


Ok I answered somebody^^ I was A/B tested. I didn't realize that other people could still do it.

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