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Clubs - Not that Great...

Maybe it's just me but I'm beginning to think Clubs is a bit of a pointless novelty feature. I created one a few weeks ago and it was filled to capacity in a matter of a few hours


Well at least I thought so...

My issue is that can't actually chat with each other. Just a very small selection (six to be precise) of premade sentences to choose from.

Fancy throwing an emoji or two? Well you have a massive five to choose from!

And then there's the....

Well nothing really.

There's nothing else you can do except watch each others XP climb. Assuming that your fellow club members actually do anything. Which in the case of my little group, is just four or five of them. And not one of those have yet to select an emoji or a premade sentence of encouragement.

Am I alone in this view? Does anyone out there love it?

May 19, 2017



You'll soon be able to chat in Clubs! Working on it.


Cool an actual reply from the Luis! (That's me chuffed!)

AND it's great to hear that improvements are on their way...

Nice work mate!


Hi Luis, I'd like to know if you guys will bring the clubs back. The leaderboards and leagues are kind of useless if you don't want to compete and just learn at your own pace. With the clubs we could chat and make friends (which was a great thing to encourage learning), but now you can only compete with random people learning random languages without being able to chat with them.

I would really love to see the clubs back...


Clubs does not work for me help! My screen is completely white when I open it, some people say it is blocked in some places :/ Help :(


Hi Luis, may I ask whether there is a schedule to fix the club issue? Many of us can only see a blank page in club section no matter it's iphone or android. Thanks!


I've been randomly kicked out while I was having fun in an active French club--very annoying. And I've been participating in a Russian club with a funny name. I know I would make friends with these guys if we could chat, but it's not available. I find clubs exciting but frustrating so far.


I wish you were able to chat in clubs -- or hoot? Like tweeting, but for owls?


I rarely do Duo on my phone, but when I do I find that I enjoy looking at my status in the list of club members and I'll often do an extra 2 - 3 lessons just to pass someone up :)

I leave tons of emojis and sentence feedbacks to others, too.

One thing I discovered recently - if you go to leave a sentence feedback and don't like the sentences presented, cancel and opt to leave sentence feedback again. You'll be presented with a second set of sentences you can choose from.

I have left a couple of clubs because the members (admin included) became inactive. I haven't started my own club yet but if I did I'd make it public and put something in the description about booting inactive users. Then at the end of each week I'd kick out the folks with 0 points for the week.


I'd love to be in a club you started. I'm sure it would be active, unlike other clubs I've been in.


I'm more than happy to send you the access code if you like. I'll just boot-off the person who has been the least active...


That would be very nice, thank you!


I tried to leave you the code on your stream, but it doesn't appear on your profile. Even though on other profiles I can do so quite readily. (Strange!)

So here's the code: AGR485

"Jmarksthespot" is the most active as you'll soon find out.

¡Buena Suerte!


I would love to join a more active Spanish language Club. If possible, please forward your access code. Thank you!


My club is: "Los Gringos de Benders" Code: AGR485


Great hint! I just tried out the open-close-reopen thing and saw a few more choices. Shame that you have to jump through (undocumented) hoops to get more choices...


I joined a club, saw that it was just a leaderboard with no useful way to communicate with people and then left the group so someone interested could take my place. I'm waiting for clubs to become useful before I try to join again.


Not much use other than to compete with other people for the top three spots. I am in a few but I don't care about the competition.


I was able to post a comment on post and there weren't any premade sentences. I think this means that Luis kept his promise.


You're absolutely right there! Did we miss an announcement somewhere along the line? I certainly don't recall anything from the Duolingo team.

But I'd say that's the improvement that clubs was missing, but I'd still reserve judgement by seeing if anyone actually bothers to "speak" in my club...


Haha, you're not alone. Honestly, I just look at the people in my friends column if I want to see how I compare with others. Also, Duolingo tells me if someone surpassed me in XP, so that's already like a club.


My experience is no interaction or encouragement in my club. Only 2-3 out of 15 in my Spanish club actually participate each week. Something else needs to happen


Absolutely the same in mine, which was one of the reasons that I posted originally.

Since my original post I booted off all the inactive members keeping only three who actually did anything. However none of these three actually comment or put a smiley up.

I allowed more members to fill up the empty spaces. And yet again, I'm back to a full club with minimal activity and certainly no "banter". I really don't understand why people join a club and then proceed to do nothing.

Luis promised improvements to the club: "You'll soon be able to chat in Clubs! Working on it." But no changes are evident yet.

Looks like I'm going to have to boot off another batch of time wasters...


I've had the same experience.


I'm with you....the clubs have the potential to be a great learning too. However, people aren't active and without the back and forth in the language you are learning, you really can't learn anything from the inactive club members.

Another thing that would be nice (for Duo to do) is to put in a 2-3 options with each club activity. Instead of use "this" word, use one of these words. Put three words with various levels of knowledge levels. That way people who are new to the language could use a word they are more likely to know and the ones that have been learning longer (intermediate/advanced) who may have a broader vocabulary can participate as well. Maybe the advanced people can create a sentence with all of the words. Meanwhile, everyone is learning from each other.

The clubs are a great feature if they were used to their full potential. A suggestion would be to automatically boot people from the clubs (not after a week) but say 30 days of inactivity. Sometimes we have to travel/etc...where maybe we don't have access to the Internet for a week. I know in this day and age that's unthinkable, but for some of us that is reality. We did survive without the Internet not that long ago. This may encourage some to participate and get rid of the ones that gave up the club/duo.

Just my 2c シャラー


Hi. I run a French club and remove any members who have a 2 week spell of inactivity. In this way I have gone from having 3 or 4 active members to now around 25 out of the 50. It is time consuming keeping a record of the xps etc, but well worth it in the end! I guess it is all dependant on the Admin of the group being active themselves.


The first club I randomly joined had 50 members and after 3 weeks I was the only one participating. After I finally figured out I could leave the club, I did so and joined another. In this one, only 3 out of 50 seem to be participating. I like the idea of the clubs but improvements are certainly needed.


Stuck in a club with 6 over achievers and 30 non entities. How can I get in a club that is more in line with my performance? There is just no mutual motivation in this one.


Yeah usually you get kicked out of groups randomly, but hopefully they'll serve of some purpose someday for a specific region or such.


And you can't kick people out if you're the admin. I have tried to kick inactive people, it says "would you like to kick xyz out?" and you click yes, then nothing happens.


I think you have to close the app and then reopen it.


Clubs are boring.


Not if you're in an active one!


I'm in an active one, and all that I see are people climbing the ranks.

Since we have hearts, it's hard to be competitive in clubs except to practice all the time.


I don't have Hearts, so I guess that makes a difference. For me, I find it fun competing against the other members, and trying to get to the top of the LeaderBoard.


I don't have hearts since I asked them to remove it for me, so I'm happy for that. But when I did have hearts, it was so hard.


I love clubs a lot


I have the opposite problem. I created a club and it is constantly packed, so much in fact that I cannot find any room to invite my friends even if i regularly remove the members that do not actively partecipate.


You need to change your club settings. The default setting is to make the club public and Duolingo recommends it to all. Turn off this and you can happily boot off the time wasters and allow your friends easy access.


It is like regular learning, except you get more competitive, active, and you can also see your friends’ progress...



I joined a club and it me and 2 others using duolingo and 9 others who I assume gave up on it.


there are palettes to represent speech: text:purple normal ; white join : a owl winking/hearts complete; color/icon streak; yellow/ trophy w/ fire duo: an image of character life and props


I couldn't find any club for people with high streaks, so I made one! Join the 500+ CLUB at 7V3HVE (English to Spanish!)


Clubs are just filled randomly. You end up in a club with people of wildly different capabilities. It is like being in a class with six geniuses, ten average kids and 34 underachievers. No matter how hard you work you just cannot move up on your class.

Club members should be moved to clubs with people of the same skill / performance level so they can motivate and compete with each other. The club I am in has a huge group of non active members. It is pointless to be part of such a club


Since my original post, clubs has greatly improved. I did even write a follow up on the subject too:

Duolingo - Clubs - Not that Great, revisited...

For my club, I have locked it so that it isn't randomly filled with people for the sake of filling the available "seats". To join my club, you need go through my other posts to gain access.

But it does lead to the other problem as mentioned in my follow-up post above; most people simply don't bother doing anything once they have joined the club. In the time I've had my club, I've only had a few members that regularly made an effort to join in with the little games/quizes that Duolingo chucks in.

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