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Is there a list of courses which do NOT have audio for all lessons?

May 19, 2017



Swahili has no audio at all (since it's still in beta). Hungarian and Vietnamese sometimes don't have audio for certain sentences/words. I'm sure Romanian is also like this since it's in beta.


Swahili has no audio at all yet. Irish, Vietnamese and Hungarian have audio, but as it was recorded especially for the courses, it is not for individual words, just whole sentences.


I don't know of a list, but I do know Swahili doesn't have audio for any lessons, as of yet.


I just searched for one, and couldn't find one. But i know that Swahili doesn't have any audio just yet (they're working on it) and Vietnamese doesn't have complete audio, only for around half. I don't think Hebrew has complete audio either... but i may be wrong on that one.


Japanese. Some characters and Hiragana don't have audio yet.

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