"I like to eat borshch."

Translation:Я люблю їсти борщ.

May 19, 2017



Any good recipes?

May 19, 2017


Is it always necessarry to have the subject? Can I omit it in this sentence?

November 23, 2017


Why doesn't 'їм' work?

July 11, 2018


I am confused on how to properly use Їсти and їм any help??

January 17, 2019


'їм' is the first person (present) participle for the verb 'їсти' (to eat). So, I eat borshch (or, I am eating borshch) is 'я їм борщ'. Using the form 'я люблю' (I like) means the verb takes the infinitive form, as in English. So, I like to eat borshch is 'я люблю їсти борщ'.

In a similar fashion, you can use the auxillary verb forms of хотивати (to want) with the infinitives for to drink and to eat. For example: I want to drink juice is 'я хочу пити сік'; I want to eat meat is 'я хочу їсти м'ясо'.

I hope you can see the difference now.

July 21, 2019
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