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  5. "I like to eat borshch."

"I like to eat borshch."

Translation:Я люблю їсти борщ.

May 19, 2017



'їм' is the first person (present) participle for the verb 'їсти' (to eat). So, I eat borshch (or, I am eating borshch) is 'я їм борщ'. Using the form 'я люблю' (I like) means the verb takes the infinitive form, as in English. So, I like to eat borshch is 'я люблю їсти борщ'.

In a similar fashion, you can use the auxillary verb forms of хотивати (to want) with the infinitives for to drink and to eat. For example: I want to drink juice is 'я хочу пити сік'; I want to eat meat is 'я хочу їсти м'ясо'.

I hope you can see the difference now.


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Hi, if your on a mobile you can download swiftkey keyboard for Ukraine. Just swipe left or right to chamge languages.

If your using windows you can get the keyboard on the screen and change the language to Ukrainian. Then just use the mouse and click.

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