For those interested in Inuktitut, here is a sample of the language with its translation which can be found in the info section of this culturally diverse and lovely song by The Jerry Cans :

If you manage not to get scared by the few first throat-singing seconds, many of you will probably enjoy it! :P

Note the long Inuit words meaning whole sentences! B)

May 19, 2017



Thanks, it was cool. I liked it.

That was a very good song. Can speakers of Inuktitut understand Greenlandic by the way?

Probably they can. All the languages in the Inuit family are said to be closely related, and Kalaallisut (Greenlandic) is one of them. I guess it's probably similar to a Danish, a Norwegian and a Swedish all speaking in their mother tongues and all of them understanding each other with not a great deal of effort. Glad you liked it :)

Perhaps. But I could simply ask my Greenlandic girlfriend about it.

Great! If you eventally find out, please let us know!

Did you find out?

Seems like a really cool group!

I personally did not really like it I was scared of the throat singing

Oh, dear! Then close your eyes and plug your ears for the first ~5-6 seconds. After that, the thing will be, by contrast, bliss! :D :P

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