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That feeling when...

you’re at 160+ day streak, then miss one day by a few minutes and go back to 0.. :( (I forgot to re-add the Freeze streak)

May 19, 2017



Maybe you got lucky. People get very attached to their streaks to the point it becomes unhealthy.


not mentioning their attachment to that "proficiency percentage" stuff. Now that's sick


You're right. Once people get to a certain number of days, it can get very addicting. Once people forget about the streak, fluency percentage, levels, etc., language learning is fun again!


Wow, you have a massive streak, do you know anyone else with one bigger than you? :)


There are actually a lot of people with higher streaks than me. I remember a post a few days ago with someone having a 4 year streak! I'm assuming they started when Duolingo started.


yeah i thought of this aspect too. Maybe it’s time to move on. I feel like the german course can’t teach me anything new. I loaded all words into Anki (about 2400 of them) months ago and I’ve since mastered them. I’m just a bit off on the grammar. Time to pick up some german book i guess.


It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Duolingo is a great tool for practicing and keeping refreshed on basic reading and writing. I use Duolingo to "warm up" the language part of my brain before I try to read or listen to something.


That's very right!


I don't know whether you've already done this, but set your daily goal to 1 xp
I lost my streak as well (89 days) by 2 minutes or so. Now my daily goal is set to 1xp. When it is almost 00:00 or I'm too lazy, I just do the most basic lesson, which takes me 30 seconds


Yes Duolingo did the same to me when I changed a mobile and I forgot setting time before arrange making practice. For some reason the streak went back to zero. So I noticed the last streak I had and continued from zero. I know, it is not shown in my profile. But I also know that I have about double actually. So what?


At the risk of sounding anti-social....come on, people, what's the goal here? We're trying to learn a language (or two or three). If you miss a day and forget to use a freeze streak....who cares? Isn't this about what YOU are getting out of the website and app? Duolingo is trying to make language learning fun. I know seeing other people's length of learning is intended to get the competitive streak going. But let's try to focus on what we're all here for!

Bottom line: don't worry about it! You're at level 20, so you've obviously been practicing. Keep that up, and you'll be reading and speaking German.


And here I am happy with my 4 day streak xD I saw some people with 1400+ day streak.Now that's unhealthy =))


I don't see it as unhealthy to have a large streak. They're just passionate, and I admire that unlike many who just stop. Granted, it's unhealthy if people do things just for a number.


I gotta say that it can be pressuring if you get high numbers for your streak ,and you know that if you lose it, it's not going to be a piece of cake to get it back. It would take me about half a year to get mine back and those 1400+ people? That's about the lifespan of Duolingo.


Keep on practicing, and you will get your streak back again.


Oh my goddddd ! I feel sorry for you.


That's me afterwards...

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