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  5. any updates on arabic?


any updates on arabic?

last article i could find was from 2015, i would love to start learning arabic before i went abroad,

what do you guys think?

May 19, 2017



DuoFiore on Reddit asked this question on Luis' AMA yesterday:

Finnish, Arabic and Latin are the most requested languages on the forums. Do you have plans to add these soon (especially Finnish since Finland celebrates 100 years of independence this year)? If you don't trust the forums, check tinycards or memrise and they are still top 5-top 10 languages (among the ones you haven't already added).

Luis replied:
We will eventually add all of these!

As for a specific date, we don't have one.
I hope it gets added soon though.

Memrise has some official Arabic courses!
Here is the link to the first:


haha "eventually" means nothing. Even 2, 5, 10 years down the road you can always just say that "eventually" hasn't come yet. You could never add them and keep saying that "eventually" you would and it wouldn't technically be untrue.

He may as well have not answered the question at all.

For Arabic I would be happy with two answers: 1. Expect to see it in incubator within the next year. 2. We hope to start an Arabic course at some point, this is the reason why we haven't yet and won't be starting one soon: (Insert logical reason here).

Anything else is just majorly disappointing.


I think he said "before the end of the year"... last year ;)


Duolingo will not add Arabic any time soon. =(

Until there's a course in incubator, we're probably at least a year and a half away from seeing one in BEST case scenario.


While ee dont have one, someone started a memrise course called arabic duolingo. I use it and its pretty good


I doesn't seem like an Arabic course is going to be available any time soon but in the meantime, Languagetransfer.org has a free Introduction to Arabic audio course that you could try: http://www.languagetransfer.org/introduction-to-arabic . It's also available as a playlist on Youtube.


There was a thread about this a week or two ago where one of the existing (courses from) Arabic contributors gave a pretty detailed reply. They're ready to go as soon as Duo gives the go-ahead. Personally, I think it's been held up waiting for a new way to teach writing systems. With Japanese, that now exists at long last for the apps (well, in short enough order for Android). When it's out on the web, I bet that's when Arabic gets a real chance to come around.

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