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How many more hours until Japanese is available for web ?

I saw its available for iOS, I don't have an iOS, only android. However If web isn't available soon I will go out and buy an iOS just to do duolingo Japanese

May 20, 2017



If you're willing to buy an iOS device just to use Duo Japanese, you could simply spend the money on some of the excellent Japanese resources like WaniKani, TextFugu or Genki.

There's also Tae Kim's Japanese which is probably one of the best free resources for Japanese out there.


About 4000+ hours for the web version, so don't hold your breath there. I recommend going for the android instead, if you're in a hurry. Only approx. 240 hours for that! ^^


For the web it will take weeks or months. Android in one or two weeks.


Haha, I considered buying an iOS device because of all the cool Duolingo features on it, but then I saw the price and decided I can wait. :-D


Srsly, you want chatbots that bad (or was this consideration in the last 48 hours or so)? I really don't think you would have found your efforts well rewarded even at a much lower price point! As an iOS user, I just want sentence discussions...


The chatbot thing sounded interesting. I'm not sure how it looks like, but the idea of chatting with someone (even if it's a robot) sounds like a nice feature. I tried something similar on Memrise, and I enjoyed myself on it.

Thanks a lot for your opinion on it, as I read in another post that it isn't as good as people think it is.


Ah, thank you for helping me understand some of the thought process! I never paid them any mind, as I didn't even have a smartphone when they came out, and I'm not doing any of the trees they were launched for. I recently got them for Portuguese, and when I found I could hardly get it to accept more than a one word answer promptly confirmed I hadn't been missing anything.


I was wondering why I couldn't access it, thank you for clearing this up. Sorry but I also don't know :/

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