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Troubleshooting: Japanese

Hi / こんにちは!

Today I updated my Duolingo mobile twice in order to access the new EN-> JP course. After the first install the only change I saw in the app was that in the Lingot Store the topmost option was DuoLingo Plus. On my second Duolingo update install, the Japanese course was visible.

I just completed Hiragana 1 (Lessons 1-5) and received my 2 lingots.

Problem: I cannot move on to Hiragana 2. Hiragana 1 still shows 0/5 lessons completed.

Has anyone else observed the lack of progress/opportunity on the Japanese tree and/or know of a workaround?

どうもありがとう / Thank you very much!

May 20, 2017



Workaround for being dumped back to the beginning of the tree... Update: I redid lesson 1 of Hiragana 1 and then Tested Out of the remaining lessons. For my re-do of a completed lesson, I received 1 lingot. Now Hiragana 1 appears completed in my tree and Hiragana 2 is accessible. Hope this workaround might help another user who encounters this bug.


Glad you found a workaround. You can get Duolingo Plus on iOS, or is Japanese for Android out already somehow?

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