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Removed downvoting abilities?

I don't seem to be able to downvote comments as of yesterday. Is it possible for mods/admins to remove an individual's ability to downvote comments in Discussion? Wondering if it's maybe some odd issue on my end, but it seems unlikely since I can still upvote just fine.


May 20, 2017



No, it's not just you. I'm not able to downvote and also have seen a few comments of people not being able to upvote. So it's either a test or there's some issue. Either way, in my opinion, it's something that needs to be restored. Or if not, something else needs to be implemented to help combat spam etc..


This affects mods too? Yikes. I can only hope it's an A/B test to determine the efficacy of community voting affecting Discussion content, shrugs.

I 100% agree with you though. I'm one of those who often attempts to sift through the comments to try to answer questions and also for additional content. Recently though (since Duolingo for schools maybe?) there seems to be so many more banal, inane, distasteful and generally unhelpful comments being posted.

Sadly, it seems to be a topic that has gone largely unchanged for several years judging from the Discussion posts I've seen on the subject.


I can still downvote, what needed downvoting?


Haha, I appreciate your enthusiasm. Many, maaaany things ;)

[deactivated user]

    It's quite horrible, I also notice that spam posts and comments remain visible for quite long, probably because the people who would downvote it can't.


    Agreed, and yes, it is quite possible. I think there is a fair portion of the Duo population who agree that the forum tools are sorely in need of some updates.


    Staff is aware - they're rewriting the forums and the communication tools. In the meantime, the forums are rather painful. The upside: I find I'm focusing on my lessons a bit more :)


    Duolingo is doing a good job of constructing itself a personal coffin with me, from doing away with immersion and such to this. It's becoming a kiddie site, one that I want to use less and less. And taking away my downvote? My last bits of respect for Pittsburgh are gone.


    You're writing off a whole city? :-p

    I, too, am just going through the motions at the moment, while waiting for any positive developments: a replacement of the Activity streams, Finnish, a couple of courses that have been stuck in the Incubator for ages,...


    I actually like Pittsburgh - went to grad school a few counties to the east. I'm kind of keeping the streak going because I'd like to hit platinum on the weekly list (and because I'm doing the University of Wisconsin distance-learning courses in reading French and German this summer), but the rest of what I've done on Duolingo is for fun, and it's not much fun any more. I'm 44 (hey, moderators - I'm announcing my age!) - I'm really not interested in a site catering more and more to the junior high crowd.


    Hi all! I just posted a note about this here, check it out!

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