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Tinycards linked to XP?

The duolingo Tiny Cards practice is very useful. Sometimes it's worth spending half an hour a day just on these flash cards, however they currently have no effect on XP.

Does anyone else agree with me that time involved on Tiny Cards should count towards your XP, as they are so beneficial to the learning process.

May 20, 2017



Thanks for sharing, we have tons of ideas for Tinycards, but always welcome more!


Yes, please link tinycards to duolingo xp


Yeah, I think it would motivate a lot of people to gain XP through Tinycards.


+1 for this feature! this would motivate me to use Tinycards a lot more! now i'm basically just practising with Duolingo as i want to reach my daily goal and keep the streak going, haha. :)


Hey all, it looks like this has happened, or I'm part of a beta because I get 5xp in Duolingo for each card set I do now. I just noticed it today.


Hello! You can now earn XP for studying Duolingo content in Tinycards: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27819336

For now, this feature is only available on web and Android but we plan on bringing it to iOS soon.


yes I think tiny cards should be counted as XP.


I agree, they should earn XP.


I am so in support of this!! The XP points are silly, but really give that extra little bit of motivation to come back and practice. I find tinycards to be essential for learning languages, so I wish it counted towards the full set of features, including points, streak, etc.


I agree with it. Tiny cards can generate as much xp as a standard duolingo course step. It will help motivate learners to do them more.


I agree with you!


Please link Tinycards to Duolingo... I think the most important is to learn the language, but it motivates a lot to keep effort on it and seeing how our score gets up and up !


I was confused that it wasn't linked, because it seems to be a vital part of the whole toolkit. Besides, stories.duolingo.com is linked to xp.

The issue I can see, though, is the non-language Tiny Cards (like those for Trivia).


I seem to be getting 2 XP now, for the past few weeks, for each "official" cardset I go through or review..... Official card sets being the ones, it seems, that have the flag colours in the upper left hand corners. I am getting the 2 XP when I do the tiny cards using a web browser interface. I am not yet getting them on my iPad or iPhone X.


Hmmm, I just did 3 sets and got zip, nada, nothing.


Why did you write "official". Are there "unofficial" card sets?


They have to be the card sets that Duolingo made, and it looks like it might only be for Android right now.


Also for web browser.


I wish I could see my students' time spent and progress made on tinycards, especially on the decks I create myself for them. I would have to be able to see too that they weren't "cheating" by turning off typing or "hiding" cards they didn't want to study.


Yes - it is really worth doing so XP should be given - after all it is still Duolingo.


love tinycards; i think making my own will help me a lot


The 5 XP awarded for tinycards practice should be restored.

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