Tips for french finals?

Ok so my French finals determine if I'm going to do french 2 honors next year or repeat French 1! We have the listening part on Monday and the writing, speaking, and grammar on Friday any tips?Wednesday

May 20, 2017


Remember ways to memrise grammer

May 20, 2017

Review any grammar topics from the year that you don't remember well. You can use youtube for listening practice, search French DELF listening and write down as much as you can understand. Use writing prompts to practice writing, check what you've written and look up anything you're not sure about. The only way to practice speaking is to speak, since you're on limited time maybe invent imaginary conversations, at least to figure out if there's any common questions you struggle to answer.

And good luck :)

If you have to memorize conjugations, go to YouTube and look up an annoying song for whatever you have to memorize. Listen to that song over and over again.

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