While I was practicing Japanese with Duolingo on my phone today, I noticed that there is no health function. There is also no option to practice the skills that one has learned. I know that the course was just released and is still in beta, but will these eventually be added?

May 20, 2017


Health was removed from all beta courses, when Japanese launched. I assume that a course will get it back, once it graduates from beta.

We would need to ask someone [*] who is using the Portuguese for French speakers course, if Health has just re-appeared. I am assuming it was available on mobile.

[*] Someone being an iOS user in the Health test group.

I added Portuguese for French to check, out of curiosity. No health yet; maybe it shows up if you update the app. I'm not that curious ;)

Thanks! Do you have Health for non-beta courses?

(I have iOS but am not in the Health group)

Yes, and I know that it vanished for GuaranĂ­, Hungarian, and Swahili when I updated the app and got Japanese. I certainly assume it vanished at that juncture for Portuguese from French as well.

Interesting - thanks!

At least as of a few hours ago the Portuguese for French tree still has the beta flag on the tree itself. Maybe it takes awhile for all the systems to update, and it's at that point that there'll be health for it.

Sorry to change the subject, but how would you say your GuaranĂ­ is after completing the tree? I've tried to do it before, but found myself incredibly frustrated by the quality of the course.

Yeah, they need to find some contributors willing to be more active, but one gets accostumed to that. After a comprehensive second trip through the tree, bringing me up to level 23, I thought I'd gotten a pretty good handle on most of what can be learned from it. Yeah, there's a lot of Spanish in the tree, but the grammar is Guarani, and Guarani grammar expresses a lot. There are more particles to learn, but now I've got a feel for how the particles attach, so I feel I've got a good base. With not too much more study and a dictionary, I would think I could read, albeit having to look up a lot of words, of course, since written Guarani isn't likely to be Jopara and Duoling only ever gets you so far.

Ah, so it seems like we will have to wait a little bit before we see health/practice in the Japanese course. Thank you very much!

I'm very nearly certain that the practice button that restores health in the version with health is precisely the same feature as before, just relocated. So, no, you don't have to wait for that.

I can't seem to find the practice button anywhere, though. Do you know where I can find it?

Here's what I see. Is it not in the corner? Don't know why I typed "left" before; I need a nap.

Does the practice option only show up after completing Hiragana 1? I don't see it.

Also, since I have a pretty old iPhone (4s), might that have anything to do with the fact that there is no practice option?

Yeah, I suspect you have to have the first skill done.

Ok, thanks. I guess I'll have to finish Hiragana 1 before this theory can be tested.

I guess you have a new account that's always had health, or didn't use the app much before it was introduced? The whole-tree practice option for Japanese is where it used to be for all languages (/ still is for those who don't have health), the upper left corner on the screen with the tree, where it says "Practice."

Please don't tell me you like health (I think I'm much more positively disposed towards it than many who have expressed their opinions; it's just too one-size-fits-all at the moment.)

To be honest, I don't love health, but it's mostly the practice option that I'm more interested in. Even when I am at full health, I like to practice just to get the words into my head.

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