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How to become better in the language(s) you're learning

Hello there, (Bonjour) I'd like to discuss how you could become a little more fluent in the language(s) you're learning that helped me.

Firstly what I had done was race ahead to finish the tree, however, I stopped after I was a few courses from finishing the tree because all of the courses I had taken I always had to look at the words to see the translations, even ones that were taught in past courses that I should've remembered. So, I went back to the start of the tree and took the timed practice and if I got 1 mark wrong I forced myself to do it again, even if it was a small mistake that I knew of, however, even if you get 20 points on your first go don't stop, I did the timed practice about 5-10 times until I felt like it was my main language and I could understand them no bother. Some courses may take longer than 5-10 times to get 20 points but it's still okay because you're progressing.

Now after you do that, the next morning you wake up don't return to your previous position you were at the previous day, for example, say you worked up to Adjectives 1 in whatever language you were doing, return to the start of the tree and continue from there again and if you do this repetitively it'll start to get stuck in your brain.

I'm not fluent and I'm sure as hell not amazing at French but I feel as though I am progressing a lot better doing this method, so I hope it helps you guys.



May 20, 2017


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