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Up- and downvoting limits

Hi all!

We are currently experimenting with new and improved spam-prevention tools. Please pardon our dust as we tweak and test ways to improve the Forum for everyone.

Our goal is to prevent excessive spam actions, so most users should not even notice these tools in action. In fact, we have been testing various limiting tools for a while, but due to recent site issues, users have unintentionally triggered limits. (So you should not worry if this is the first you're experiencing it yourself, just hold off on voting for a bit and all will be back to normal shortly.)

Thanks for your cooperation, and let us know if you notice any issues or benefits from this

May 20, 2017



Thanks for the heads up HelpfulDuo! While I don't really like having a limit on my up and downvotes as I frequent the forums regularly, I'm glad Duolingo is experimenting with different ideas. LOL, I want to upvote your post, but I'm afraid I'm close to my limit of upvoting! :-D


Are you listening, Duolingo staff? Please bring back the personal (though public) messaging activity. Losing the ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking users is a serious negative to your excellent program. Gracias!


Okay... given that on a weekday I probably downvote upwards of fifty times during the day to help remove the crap that bored schoolkids post, when should I start doing so again? And, for heaven's sake, why are you folks limiting ME? You need to limit the spammers.


Music to my ears!


Please implement split system email verification: No verification required to take the course. However, if someone wants to comment or vote, require them to verify their email. This would go a long way towards reducing spam and harassment on Duolingo.


Yes, since I can't downvote I have stopped upvoting and commenting it's given me another half hour to watch Netflix in German. Thank you for making that time available


How many downvotes per day were you giving to the community?


Another very bad decision/feature in my opinion. And you have NO notifications.

In my case: I often spend a lot of time to clean sentence forums. Very few people do that, and more people should do it. I downvote all the spams on the forum, I downvote bad answers, and I upvote and give a lingot to the good answer on each forum I visit. So Duolingo prevents me to do that now. I gave more than 500 lingots for all the good or helping answers I've found, downvoting the bad ones or the ones where I think there are some mistakes and that can confuse learners.

So I will give up, and other people who do that will give up too, and forum will be even more messy than they are. Not really clever Duolingo! People who try to help are just prevented to do anything.


Have you reached your limit? How many votes is the limit(I wonder)?

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