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Private Messaging?

Is it possible to have private messaging? I do know that you can kind of "talk" to people when you send them an invite but I can't get back to that conversation.

May 20, 2017



With the current state of things, the "messaging" system is private unless one knows where the conversation is, please read further.
If you're on the new account code, you can't start a conversation. On the old code, however, there is a message box on people's profiles, leftover from the Activity tool that was removed. (The new account code doesn't have an "Activity" button on the topper bar)
Each of these talks has a direct link, looking like this: Duolingo.com/event/[a number] And you can find it in two ways:

  1. Have someone reply to it when you have email notifications on. And if everything is working, You'll get an email with the link.
  2. Use the userscript "DuoDirectLinks" developed by FireyCat, and catch the direct link right after you start a conversation. You can find it on the Userscripts page, I'm currently on mobile and can't dig up the link.

(Minor edit, two times)


This is awesome, except, my stream has been gone for so long I have no idea how to find the messages that were on it. I have no idea how to get that number, and Duo was getting so insane with the emails that I sent it to a junk email folder and then marked it as spam because it was getting crazy... so when all this came up, those emails were all lost. Its very frustrating, and being able to be encouraged by people liking your activity was huge


Oh, if you're looking for the discussions from the time Activity was up or you haven't caught the link right after you started the conversation in this current system, there's no way but to have the emails. (Or someone might have a personal record of the "event"s, which is unlikely.)

I know it was like rapid spam. I moved it all to a separate folder in my inbox. Sometimes I visited the inbox with a number like 70 winking at me, I had to prevent myself from freaking out! But you could unsubscribe anytime, in the settings, Notifications panel. But the new account code doesn't have such category as "Somebody responds to a discussion I'm following", as the activity is removed.

Yes, I dearly miss the Activity. One of my friends put it this way: "My life's been emptier since they [streams] were taken off." I know it sounds extreme, but it's how it is for some of us. We didn't get a straight answer from the CEO on when there will be a replacement for Activity, all we got was "soon".


Here's a link to the Userscripts page in the Duolingo Wiki: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Userscripts


I was hoping someone would come along, but not this quickly! :D


Many of us are using discord since it looks like Duolingo is planning to further develop chat bots instead of bringing back a messaging feature. You are welcome to join us https://discord.gg/y6X9HQC and invite your friends.


Where did the stream go? I commented on my friends stream once, then went back to it, and it was gone...?


They got rid of it about a month ago: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22226909

Note: that discussion has over 1200 comments so if you decide to read it, you probably should right-click, open in a new tab.

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