iOS app issues

Hi not sure where I should be posting with this, but ever since the iOS app has been updated to the new format with 'gems' instead of lingots - if I try and strengthen words to keep them gold it will not increase the bars no matter how many times I run through with the exercises. I happen to use Duo on my Windows laptop, iPhone and android tablet and the problem only exists on iOS. Also - on the website or on the android app I can view the sentence discussion after getting an answer correct or wrong, however there is no way to do this on the iOS app.


May 20, 2017


I work on MacBook and iPhone. My progress is kept inconsistently from session to session. Confusing and, I have to say, a bit demoralizing!!

May 21, 2017

iOS doesn't have any access to the sentence discussions.

It's funny. Other people report not having strengthen work on the website and having to use the app.

A standard solution is to redo the lessons that are part of the skill. If that doesn't work, a bug report is certainly in order. It would really be nice if they got the quirks in the algorithm that cause these issues ironed out.

May 22, 2017
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